Why does your Business Need A HOT Desking Booking System?

The COVID-19 standard has revolutionized office operations. Starting with a home office, moving on to a hybrid approach, and then being completely tech-based The Gen-Z of today is more likely to choose a hybrid work environment where they can forge relationships with others, which is essential for advancement in the corporate world. Hot desk booking software is the item that has encouraged the trend of working from home.

What is Hot Desking System?

The 1990s saw the emergence of the Hot Desking movement, which has since seen a significant evolution with the introduction of COVID-19 to accommodate various organisational structures and workspaces. An organisational approach known as “hot-desking” allows employees to reserve any accessible desks for their work rather than being given a specific desk. Simply put, all desks with the Hot Desking Booking System are accessible to all employees and can be reserved for a certain amount of time.

Reasons to consider before adopting a hot desking booking system:

The practise of hot desking has a number of benefits and drawbacks. Let’s examine some of them.

Advantages of Hot Desking

Traditional offices are a thing of the past in today’s world. A more mixed work style, in which not every employee chooses to work from the office, has seen a rapid transformation. Consequently, a system of fixed desks would be less necessary. The growing preference for the hot desking system is unequivocal proof of its acceptance in contemporary workplaces. These are the benefits of this system:

  • Cost-Efficient
  • encourages a flexible and agile workforce
  • creates an atmosphere of cooperation
  • improved communication

Disadvantages of Hot Desking

The drawbacks of hot desking are as follows, just like a coin has two sides:

  • inadequate personalization
  • Conflict Potential
  • needs new IT solutions
  • Health and Safety Issues

How does Hot Desking Benefit your Organization? 

Let’s acknowledge the main advantages of hot desking even though we already know the majority of their advantages.

  • Increased Collaboration and Better Communication:

The popularity of hot desking nowadays has prompted employees to work together, exchange their knowledge, and foster a friendlier workplace environment. With the help of this system, employees from various departments can successfully communicate and get to know one another as well as other members of the business. This promotes more one-on-one contacts, cuts down on time-consuming meetings, and aids in the formation of new relationships.

There are many Hot-Desking systems on the market right now. Similar to Veris Desks, which makes it easier for employees to connect with their coworkers, Veris Desks provides features including seating maps, on-the-spot booking, and find my friend.

  • Cost-Effectiveness.

Hot desking has substantially aided enterprises all over the world in managing their workplaces more effectively when compared to traditional offices. Did you know that the 30% operating cost reduction with the Hot Desking Booking System? Now, simply because an organisation or company has doubled its workforce, there is no longer a need to spend significant sums on furniture purchases or office space expansion.

  • Better Knowledge Better Performance

Fixed workstations sometimes force workers to work alone, which used to be productive in conventional companies. However, with the advent of the hybrid work model, booking desks via cellphones has increased employee productivity by allowing them to select where and with whom to work. enhancing the interchange of knowledge and information as a result.

  • Neat and Clean Workstation

Hot desking encourages workers to be more organised and tidy because they don’t have a set desk to use at work. They also leave the desk ready for the next worker to use. A hot desking technique prevents employees from leaving personal items on workstations because they only use them for a set amount of time each day.

  • Freedom of choice in work-station

With hot desks, the workers have a selection of seating possibilities. Simply put, it means that workers are free to decide where and with whom they want to work. When the job at hand necessitates their undivided attention, they are allowed to even sit apart from their coworkers. Overall, hot desking has increased employee productivity.


We have taken into account the Hot Desking Booking System’s benefits and drawbacks. Now it’s up to you to choose whether you want to continue operating in an antiquated and conventional manner or adopt a more modern and technological approach, bearing in mind the cost to the business and the convenience of your staff as well.

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