Best upcoming Android games launching in 2022

Major releases have already occurred, like the long-awaited Diablo Immortal release following in quick succession, taking your brand-new Android phone on a ride in 2022, Apex Legends Mobile releasing in May, and other games. Both games have seen commercial success since their releases, and the fanfare matched that. The year 2022 is still not finished, though, as many exciting games are still expected to be released. And with that, there is still plenty of room for contenders to make it onto our list of the top Android games before the year is through. Enter the fray!

Rainbow Six Mobile

As a 5v5 hero shooter with game modes like secure and bomb, Rainbow Six Mobile offers the renowned tactical FPS gameplay of Rainbow Six Siege in bite-sized style. These modes allow you to play strategically with your team.

Rainbow Six Mobile has so far undergone alpha testing as well as a recent closed beta for a few nations. For iOS and Android, Ubisoft has announced a 2022 delivery timeframe; pre-registration is now available on the Play Store. You might still be able to participate in the fall closed beta test if you pre-register right now!

Torchlight: Infinite

Perhaps you like Diablo Immortal’s well-polished gameplay, but you don’t particularly want to spend money on end-game equipment. Thank goodness, another competing action RPG will soon be available on Android. You might want to keep an eye out for Torchlight: Infinite if personalization trees, hero classes, and hacking/slashing waves of opponents on the map are your thing. The development team behind this game just hired David Brevik, the man behind Diablo, to manage all productions for this title. Several closed beta tests of the game have been conducted, including the introduction of the new PC beta client. You may pre-register on the Play Store today to get in for the full release in 2022.

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened

Harry Potter fans have had a difficult time with all the games that have attempted to incorporate the Harry Potter universe but either overstepped the mark or offered shoddy gameplay. Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, an online mobile card-battler RPG, is coming this year, and Hogwarts Legacy, an open-world action RPG console/PC title, are both on the horizon, so it appears that the trend will finally end. The online mobile card-battler RPG is now available in a few Asian countries and has received praise for its well-polished gameplay and eye-catching graphics. You may pre-register for Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, which will release globally in 2022, in the

Marvel Snap

The former Hearthstone lead will shortly release a new trading card game. The goal of this game is to be the fastest 1v1 card battler on the market, so players on mobile devices who like to dip in and out of gaming sessions will find it ideal. You can create a team using your favourite iconic Marvel villains and heroes in this game. Matches are only set to last a few minutes each and take place in real time. At launch, there are reportedly more than 150 cards available, and a deck only requires 12 cards; anticipate to see more expansion on cards and decks with seasonal updates. Pre-registrations are currently welcome on the Play Store for the official release date of October 18.

Battlefield Mobile

This year, Battlefied will be available on Android thanks to EA Mobile. Although EA Mobile emphasises that in-app purchases are limited to cosmetics, the game will be free to play. Battlefield Mobile will offer both new and recognisable content to experienced Battlefield players. There are numerous game types from the previous Battlefield games that will make their way to this edition, as well as brand-new mobile-exclusive variations. The main Conquest mode is already announced, and there are a few character classes to choose from, including medic and recon. Although pre-registration is not yet possible, possibilities for testing in your area could arise.

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