How to Use Automation to Change Your Business

One of those things that you know is crucial for your organization is automation. Are you making the appropriate investments in it, is the question. If not, now is the moment to take action and start participating. Never before has there been a better chance for you to grow your business.

The “Why” Behind Business Automation

Automation has long been used in sectors like manufacturing, but it is only just becoming a practical and affordable solution for companies in other sectors, such as those serving the public. The majority of firms are concentrated on business process automation, even though it can be incorporated into a company’s operations in a variety of ways.

According to ProcessMaker, “Business Process Automation (BPA) is enabled by employing technology to automate workflows or processes to the point that human participation is no longer necessary. However, BPA seeks to make processes more transparent, error-proof, and cost-effective by doing away with the need for multiple workflows and wasteful silos.

Businesses that spend heavily in BPA reap a variety of rewards, including:

  • Savings in time and money. Automation undoubtedly has a time-saving aspect. (This is the primary goal of most firms when they first deploy automation.) The aspect of cost savings is also there. According to study by Bain & Company, organisations who automate have an average cost savings of 20%. These cost savings are the result of increased production and decreased/eliminated human error.
  • improved client services. Customers are happy when service is quicker and more reliable. It enables your company to serve clients in a far more effective manner.
  • happier workers.At the end of the day, happier employees are ones that don’t spend their days dealing with irate clients or wasting time on repeated chores. Employee happiness and a more favourable workplace culture are the benefits.
  • This is only the beginning. The truth is that an effective automation strategy strengthens practically every part of the company and leads to a far more productive and efficient operation.

Tips for Automating Your Business

The advantages of automation and how the proper technology and procedures may improve your company’s operations are quite obvious. But how do you get started? Here are a few advices:

  • scoring firs

To assess the potential of various leads and the stage of the sales process they are in, your team requires some form of lead scoring system.

Automated lead scoring systems assist you in identifying crucial characteristics shared by prospects who ultimately convert to clients. It enhances your closing ratios and gives you a better understanding of your sales pipeline.

  • Email Marketing

Email is the lifeblood of many prosperous businesses. It’s one of the marketing channels with the best return on investment. But it can also take a lot of time if you’re not attentive.

Create email autoresponder campaigns that automatically send the appropriate messages to specific consumers based on triggering events to save time (like subscribing to a newsletter, purchasing a product, or requesting support).

  • Customer Service

One of a business’s most time-consuming departments is customer service. It takes up a lot of valuable time and money when a company runs solely on human agents. Thankfully, with the correct software or programme, many customer support activities can be automated.

An AI service experience solution, for instance, can significantly cut down on the time your staff must spend responding to simple customer enquiries or handling repetitive support cases by leveraging the strength and usefulness of chatbots and customer care automation. Including anything like this in your business will have a significant impact on your employees.

  • Connected Services

If you’re serious about using automation to alter your business as a whole, you must take into account how these many tools and applications are interacting with one another. Automation can be wonderful for specific processes and departments. If not, your technologies are operating independently of one another and still need people to connect processes.

Every “node” of your organisation that involves a human being as a link between software, tools, or applications needs to be thoroughly examined. You’ll work even harder and be more productive if you can figure out how to improve interoperability. Consider using a platform like Zapier to establish connections when tools lack native API connectivity.

Adding it All Up

You can push and pull countless different levers to expand your business. One of them is automation. However, if you’re searching for a solid beginning point that will benefit many divisions of the organisation, BPA is an excellent choice. Let this article serve as a guide for you!

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