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The Guardian
Qatar World Cup accused of imposing �chilling� restrictions on media
International television crews in Qatar for the Fifa World Cup could be banned from interviewing people in their own homes as part of sweeping reporting restrictions that could have a �severe chilling effect� on media coverage. Broadcasters, such as
CBS News
Alaska snow crab season canceled as officials investigate disappearance of an estimated 1 billion crabs
An estimated one billion crabs have mysteriously disappeared in two years, state officials said. It marks a 90% drop in their population.
The Telegraph
Ukraine war latest: Ukraine joining Nato 'would guarantee World War Three', says Russia
Ukraine joining Nato would mean "a guaranteed escalation" to a third world war, the deputy secretary of Russia's Security Council has said.
Iran says average age of arrested protesters is 15
According to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), the latest protests in Iran are being attended by some of the youngest age groups ever to attend protests in the country.

Space News
Crew-4 returns to Earth
SpaceX completed its fourth operational commercial crew mission to the International Space Station Oct. 14 with the safe return of a Crew Dragon spacecraft with four American and European astronauts on board.
The Guardian
Netflix is introducing a new subscription with ads. Here�s what you need to know
Netflix has announced �Basic with Ads�, a new, cheaper subscription plan that will introduce adverts for the first time since it launched as a streaming service in 2007. Basic with Ads is being rolled out in 12 countries around the world in November,
ABC News
Osko fast payment crash blamed on Reserve Bank technical problem
A major outage of online fast inter-bank transfer system Osko has left payments in limbo, with the Reserve Bank admitting fault. The RBA said an error occurred during a planned software change, which stopped the sending or receiving of critical file
Space News
NASA�s DART spacecraft changes asteroid�s orbit
WASHINGTON � A NASA spacecraft that deliberately collided with a near Earth asteroid last month changed its orbital period by more than a half-hour, exceeding expectations for the planetary defense demonstration.

Business Insider
Workers won't have to deal with 'ghost' job openings � and they probably won't get laid off either
The Great Resignation was fun while it lasted, but the party for job seekers may be coming to an end. This is actually a good thing for the economy. Fewer job openings might sound bad, but after months of a jobs glut and not enough workers, a declin
New Zealand plans to tax emissions from livestock burps and dung
New Zealand plans to tax agricultural emissions � including those related to the burps, urine and dung from livestock like cows and sheep � in a move its government hopes will help the country meet climate change goals.
Nissan takes $687 million loss as it sells Russian business for 1 euro
Nissan Motor Co Ltd will hand over its business in Russia to a state-owned entity for 1 euro ($0.97), it said on Tuesday, taking a loss of around $687 million and exiting the country months after it was forced to halt production there.
Get this done!' BoE's Bailey gives UK funds 3-day deadline to fix problems
Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey said on Tuesday that British pension funds and other investors hit hard by a slump in bond prices had just three days left to fix their problems before the central bank would withdraw support.